Release notes / Changelog

doublex 1.8.3

  • Fixed issue 25 Python 3.5 type hints support. See test.
  • Fixed issue 23 Several tests failing because hamcrest.core.string_description.StringDescription is not a string anymore.

doublex 1.8.2

doublex 1.8

doublex 1.7.2

  • Added support for varargs methods (*args, **kargs). Fixes issue 14.
  • NEW tracer mechanism to log double invocations. See test.
  • NEW module level wait_that() function.

doublex 1.7

  • NEW with_some_args() matcher to specify just relevant argument values in spy assertions. See doc and tests.
  • NEW module level set_default_behavior() function to define behavior for non stubbed methods. Thanks to Eduardo Ferro. See doc and tests.

doublex 1.6.6

doublex 1.6.5

doublex 1.6.4

  • Asynchronous spy assertion race condition bug fixed.
  • Reading double attributes returns collaborator.class attribute values by default.

doublex 1.6.2

  • Invocation stubbed return value is now stored.
  • New low level spy API: double “calls” property provides access to invocations and their argument values. Each ‘call’ has an “args” sequence and “kargs dictionary”. This provides support to perform individual assertions and direct access to invocation argument values. (see test and doc).

doublex 1.6

  • First release supporting Python 3 (up to Python 3.2) [fixes issue 7].
  • Ad-hoc stub attributes (see test).
  • Partial support for non native Python functions.
  • ProxySpy propagated stubbed invocations too (see test).

doublex 1.5.1

This release includes support for asynchronous spy assertions. See this blog post for the time being, soon in the official documentation.

doublex/pyDoubles 1.5

Since this release, doublex supports the pyDoubles API by means a wrapper. See pyDoubles for details.

In most cases the only required change in your code is the import sentence, that change from:

import pyDoubles.framework.*


from doublex.pyDoubles import *

If you have problems migrating to the 1.5 release or migrating from pyDoubles to doublex, please ask for help in the discussion forum or in the issue tracker.